Helen Sofia Pahou


A Resilient SFSS



(aka. Helen's Comeback)

Hello SFU Students! My name is Helen Sofia Pahou (she/her/hers) and I am running to be your next President of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). Alongside my team – the SFU Stronger Together Party (STP) – myself and my team of hopeful leaders are adamant in reshaping the SFSS as a key service for the success and resiliency of ALL SFU students! By entrusting me and my team with your vote, you are choosing to place empathetic, student-centric and collective decision making at the forefront of the SFSS. 

As an upper division student at SFU, I am currently doing my Bachelor of Arts  as a honours major in political science, and double-minor in legal studies and international studies.


Throughout my years at SFU, I’m grateful knowing that the university - and organizations within the university - have opened my horizons to numerous roles, hats and experiences that further my passion towards cultivating the resiliency of students. These experiences include:

  • 2021/22 Undergraduate Student Senator in the SFU Senate by serving four sub-committees: (1) Senate Committee on University Priorities (SCUP), (2) Senate Committee on International Activities (SCIA), (3) Senate Policy Committee on Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries (SPCSAB), (4) Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee (SUAAC). 

  • Former Vice Chair throughout the 2020/21 SFSS Council Year.

  • Former Councillor for Political Science during the 2020/21 SFSS Council Year.

  • Department Representative for the Political Science Student Union (PSSU).

  • Former EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Research Assistant and Social Policy Researcher for SFU Work Integrated Learning and SFU Career and Volunteer Services.


  • Bringing back the use of frequent surveys that engage the ideas of students and foster open dialogue. No leading questions! Just your thoughts only. 

  • Coordinating more town halls for students to raise their questions and concerns to the SFSS Executive Committee. The beauty behind the SFSS is that it has the potential to influence betterment, and has the capacity to allocate resources that give students’ concerns a platform. The only issue is that we need the right leadership that prioritizes student voices over the personal agenda of those in positions of power.

  • Engagement over Statements! It’s time that the SFSS takes on a new form of leadership that favours making meaningful connections with students instead of unwarranted decision-making that is unrepresentative of the greater student body.


  • Ensuring that student sessions for knowledge and engagement are set up with Studentcare. Many students I have spoken to unfortunately don't know about the healthcare coverage benefits provided by the SFSS - which you pay into every single semester via your tuition!  

  • Working with the university to foster stronger ties to key student services outside of the SFSS! This includes making meaningful connections with the professionals in SFU Health and Counselling, the Indigenous Student Centre, the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO), and the Centre for Accessible Learning. Reshaping the functions of the SFSS requires having leaders that are eager to work with the university in areas vital to student success.


  • Providing clear-cut training to Councillors that focuses on student-consultation and open governance. As a former SFSS Councillor, many Councillors feel that they lack knowledge in the 2020 structural governance changes behind the SFSS. Moreover, Councillors feel that there is a disconnect between themselves and the Executive Committee being that they have lacked due diligence in fully training their Councillors for success. Making Council a more effective governing body requires leaders who take their time to empower Council with the tools and knowledge to carry out their work. Not placing them within the political blackboxes of uncertainty.

  • Cultivating positivity and civil discussion within Council. It’s time that the SFSS appreciate its Councillors who think widely and creatively with the intention to forward good governance for all. 


  • Providing more frequent announcements for upcoming Council Meetings for the entire student body to access! 

  • Working with the SFSS Communications team to upgrade the SFSS website in making it more easy to use and easy to locate key documents of the Society (i.e. SFSS By-Laws, Council Policies, the BC Societies Act, etc.). 

  • Prioritizing frequent updates to clubs on how to host events and initiatives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Reframing the current SFSS newsletter to capture major changes to Society projects and services that affect the student body.     

Let’s remember, that this election serves as an opportunity for welcoming better leadership. It’s time that the SFSS place it’s students first before its own self. It’s time we say goodbye to leadership that lacks empathy for others’ differences, and hello to hopeful representatives that make space for YOU. We are all Stronger Together when we take the time to bridge our understanding with one another. So let’s do this together SFU!   

I humbly thank you for taking the time to consider me as your next SFSS President. I can’t wait to see what great things we will do! I welcome you to reach out to me at the social media platforms below! Thank you all, and stay safe out there!