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Once Upon A Time...

We all have our path, this is ours

The SFU Stronger Together Party rose out of a demand for versatility and a strong passion for bettering the student experience.  We want students to feel heard and understood by their elected officials. We believe in governing with kindness and efficiency, to represent the students who entrusted us with their votes.

At SFU, we all come with different goals, ideals, and perspectives - these are what make our community so beautiful.  That is why we hope to govern in ways that is representative of our community.

This tight-knit group believes that governance can make a positive impact on the lives of students.

Hopefully, by the time we're done, so will you :)

We wish to restore student-trust into student-led organizations on campus. We want to uplift students and their perspectives. We want to promote student well-being and resiliency.

And that's what we'll do.


Stronger Together Party at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

The STP is proudly politically diverse, which constantly plays into the strengths of our group. Our members are not constrained by party-whips or a dominant ideology that mainstream politics are. What makes the STP work is that its interests focus on student-life, rather than party discipline. That's also why not every STP member is a carbon copy of the others - every time you get a person who is true to themselves. That being said, we have some founding principles that all members must adhere to. So, in no specific order, members must:

  1. Treat everyone with kindness and respect

  2. Put student well-being first

  3. Work in collaboration to achieve goals more efficiently

  4. Remember that you're a student first, politician second (or third, or forth, etc.).

  5. You are not allowed to fat-shame Judit's cat. She's long-hair, leave her alone! Breach of rule five will result in the expulsion from the party.